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 The Rest and Repair Diet

 The Rest and Repair Diet

“Our life is frittered away by detail... simplify, simplify.” 

- Henry David Thoreau 

A rest-and-repair diet is a good idea anytime you want to give your digestive system a reboot, such as after the holidays, illness, low digestive fire, at the change of seasons or in times of stress. 

You may choose to follow this diet once a week, 2-3 times a week, or for 2-3 weeks, as necessary.


  • Kicharee (mung bean and rice soup) - see recipe week 2

  • Simple dahl

  • Steamed (or well-cooked) vegetables

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Cooked beets

  • Cooked apples

  • Oatmeal, rice, quinoa, kasha or millet

  • Congee (rice soup)

  • Seeds (e.g. flax, hemp, sunflower -- rather than nuts)

  • Small, well-cooked beans and legumes (e.g. mung beans, red lentils)

  • Healthy oils like ghee, coconut oil, and olive oil

  • Meat/Seafood: Small amounts of well-cooked white meats or fish

  • Small amounts of raw local honey or maple syrup (1–2 teaspoons per day)

  • Teas: ginger, cinnamon, fennel, tulsi, green, cardamom, triphala;

  • Hot water

  • Hot water with lemon on an empty stomach

  • Bone broth (for non-vegetarians) or classic homemade chicken noodle soup

Avoid/reduce:  Refined sugars, wheat, red meat, eggs, dairy.

Optional: Small portions of fermented foods, such as:

  • Yogurt or kefir (buy plain organic and add maple syrup or honey)

  • Kimchi, sauerkraut or fermented vegetables

  • Miso paste (e.g. soups)

  • Kombucha

  • Tamari

To learn more about Ayurvedic Healing, see Ayurveda for Vibrant Living

About the Author  

Briya Freeman has been creating spaces for healing and spiritual awakening since 2011. She is passionate about exploring the potentials of human consciousness in a way that unites and transcends global culture.

Her background includes 20+ years of study and practice in hatha yoga, Ayurveda, Breathontology, meditation, bioenergetics and shamanism.

As a teacher, she is known for an approach that is down-to-earth, intuitive and deeply seated. She can be reached at


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