Coaching & Mentorship

Briya has been serving her community as a facilitator, coach, intuitive and guide for the past 10 years.

As a guide, she is known for helping others come to place within of greater ease, inspiration and healing, and to help catalyze higher potentials. 

These sessions are available online via Weblink.


Fees (60 minute session)

Adults: $90 / hour

Student price: $60 / hour

Sessions available:​

Presently available online via Skype


How Should I Prepare?


No advance preparation is needed. 

Come as you are!

You may wish to prepare a list of questions

to discuss, or bring a journal to take notes.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

For best results, it is generally most beneficial to book your sessions in a series,

either weekly or once a month.

Frequency of sessions depends on your unique needs and situation.


Please feel free to speak with Briya about what would work best for you.