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Spiritual Mentorship

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Personal Coaching: About Me

In the journey of becoming an evolutionary human, the company of another who has also walked the path of healing is an invaluable gift.

Working 1:1 with Briya presents you with the opportunity to share the feelings that weigh on your heart, to challenge your mind's assumptions and and to expand your understanding of your unique soul trajectory.

These unique and powerful sessions are enriched by Briya's life-long commitment to the path of natural wisdom, including modern shamanism, Ayurvedic self-healing, mysticism and energy work.


 These sessions are designed to meet you where you are and to support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being in a way that's gentle, practical, highly tailored to your needs and transformative.

Appropriate for seekers of all ages and walks of life,

including beginners and more advanced seekers.

Sessions are available in person (Downtown Ottawa) or online

You can also reserve by contacting Briya at


1 hour session:

$108 CAD

90 minute session:

$145 CAD

5 Session Package:

$496 CAD

To book, contact Briya at or use the links below.

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