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"I have to say that I am so proud of myself for following the nudge to take this initiation course. The new perspective and support I feel in my day to day is really incredible. I’m experiencing a sense confidence, contentment, new found passion, and excitement all at the same time. This time of year has historically been so challenging for me and I have noticed that even on my hard days, I allow it and the day feels manageable. [...]

So much love and gratitude for the connections I’ve made in group. Deep thank yous once again for all the guidance and teaching xx" -KM

"This class blew my mind! It’s opened me up to feel a connection with myself that’s so much bigger than my limited view of reality.


I’ve always known intuitively that I’m not seeing the whole picture in how I operate day to day, and I’ve now had experiences of being guided and nurtured by a profound stillness and magic within myself. Not only am I fascinated by the teachings, I’m feeling concrete positive changes in my life that have been a long time coming.


I’m so grateful to you as a teacher Briya and I can’t wait to take more classes with you!" -CP

"To experience a session with Briya Freeman is to journey into the very essence of existence. Her insight, profound and transformative, acts like the brilliant dance of the northern lights, guiding lost souls back home. Through her breathwork and meditation guidance, I felt as if millennia of wisdom were being channeled directly into my core, revealing truths I'd been blind to. Her ability to see through the layers, to tap into the very heart of one's spirit, is nothing short of miraculous. If you're on a quest for deeper understanding, for genuine transformation, let Briya be your compass."


"I truly adored this course. [It] was the perfect introduction to a practice and tool that strengthened the way I move through my days. In this mini course I was acquainted with some energetic layers of myself that go beyond my physical body and gently guided through meditations that allowed me how to explore each one.


Briya has such a beautiful way of sharing concepts and teachings that can sometimes be hard for my mind to grasp on its own.
And for that I am always so so grateful. Thank you again for another empowering series x With much love and gratitude" - KL

"That was one of the most beautiful visual meditations I have ever experienced. Revisited it just now through writing and I want to remember it forever! 


And you are so right this is all very addicting  cannot think up a better addiction though. 


Thank you deeply for the guidance xx the course and these teachings are truly transforming my reality. 


With love and so much gratitude."


"I’ve done a few courses with Briya now and I’m still in awe each time on how intuitive she is. Her ability to help guide you to yourself is truly profound, she is the essence of grace and compassion.

She helps you find that safe space within yourself, and helps you gain access to the knowledge within your heart.

After my own shamanic training, I was seeking something that would help facilitate my growth further and thanks to Briya I was able to reach even deeper, giving me more confidence with my own healing, because she helped me gain access to the real me."

- Chris

"My experience with the Breathontology program with Briya has been life changing. I have incorporated the different breathing practices into various parts of my day and have noticed many positive changes in my life. I feel more present and aware when navigating my day. I am also more comfortable being my true authentic self and acting with integrity.


Having Briya to talk to about the challenges in life has been invaluable and I know I would not be on the path I am on today if it was not for her. 


I highly recommend taking a class with her for anyone who wants to embody more of their true authentic self and increase their vibrational frequency."



"Briya is an excellent coach and her deep of knowledge and intuition are remarkable." - Shakti

“After having studied the Wisdom Traditions and Healing Arts for many years, and having a chance to be in the presence of some of the most incredible spiritual teachers in the world, from Ammachi to Jack Kornfield , A.H. Almaas, Sri Maa, The Dalai Lama, Baba Hari Dass and more, I can honestly say that the level of clarity and wisdom that comes through this extraordinary young woman is truly remarkable and indeed, a great gift to anyone that has the honor of working with her.”

- Prema

"I didn’t know what to expect, this being my first ceremony, but it was truly a profound experience. Briya’s ability to not just hold space, but to guide you, allowed me to fully experience the power the ceremony was intended for. It was an experience that I’m still feeling the effects from over a week later. Thank you Briya for this, it was life changing." - CT 

"Briya is such an amazing teacher! She has a way of meeting her students where they are at and gently encouraging them to challenge themselves to be consistent with their practice. She is a delight -- so knowledgeable and loving."

- Kim

"Briya has a depth of knowledge, but it is her presence and attitude that make her a joy to be around. I felt taken care of and was taken care of with great kindness and generosity of spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Daniel

"[This course] was exactly what I needed to help push me to the next level.  I met many beautiful souls and the mentor, Briya, was a breath of fresh air.  I would recommend this to anyone looking to evolve and free themselves from any obstacles they may be feeling.  It is truly an eye opener and the participants all feel like they are part of a family. 


Everyone comes together to support and share in their experiences.  The knowledge shared is enlightening and very informative.  I highly recommend this workshop! 


Briya, thank you for everything you have taught us!!  You are a beautiful being!!"

- Nikoletta

"Briya is kind, bright, sunny, simple, convincing, clear and patient. One of the best investments I have ever made. I intend to deepen my understanding with Briya and her associates."

- Peter

"This experience changed my inner alignment. I left feeling I had entered a new dimension of my being. Thank you Briya for your loving presence and guidance."

- Genevieve

“Thank you for teaching such an amazing course. It was incredibly helpful, and I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with me. I have never felt so much peace, bliss and enlightenment. This was the best experience for my personal growth I have ever had.”

- Sasha

“Briya is one of those rare radiant beings, who is truly there spiritually to support you on your journey. While Briya effectively conveys practical knowledge, this is always done with a joyful smile.


Being very generous with her time, Briya is able to frame your thoughts and questions against a tremendous backdrop of experience. Working with Briya I have seen wonderful improvements. Briya is a great teacher!”

- Faisal


"In our journey through life, finding a knowledgeable traveling companion who encourages us to explore new directions is truly a gift.


Briya’s gentle way and warm smile guide us in remembering that we are the creators of our constantly evolving life."

- Bianca

“What makes this course stand out is that Briya has a gift to see where you are currently misaligned and can gently point you in the right direction.”

- Richard

"This course has helped me open my hear and bring me peace of mind after the loss of my husband. Briya has been a great teacher. I will be taking more classes with her."

- Joanne


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