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Your next step in conscious evolution: Earth Body Awakening starts next week

Your next step in conscious evolution...

Earth Body Awakening::

an initiation to bioenergetics and spiritual awakening

This series is designed to support your process of self-healing and spiritual awakening.

Over 4-weeks, you will explore topics which expand how you see yourself & your reality, and leave you feeling inspired, grounded and inspired.

In this series, we'll explore:

  • practical tools to calm, clarify & stablize your earthly existence, including your mind, body, relationships, environment and emotions

  • energetic practices for emotional healing and energy clearing

  • how your passion serves as a gateway for healing and alchemy (manifestation), and how to activate it

  • the foundations of ayurveda: ignition to the elements through your body

  • breathwork and meditations for expansion and growth

Your spirituality can be very real to you --- as real as breathing or talking or walking...

Each week will include:

  • guided meditations and breathontology practices

  • group energy healing

  • contemplations to go deeper

  • practices & teachings for spiritual expansion

Who is this series for?

  • You feel deeply inspired by topics like yoga, personal growth and natural healing and want to go deeper in your own evolution

  • You're in a period of transition and are looking for new tools to help you feel grounded, inspired and/or to calm your mind (divorce, job change)

  • You're struggling with health challenges such as chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, body pain, allergies or digestive issues and want to learn to come back into balance naturally

  • You're seeking to upgrade your mental, physical and spiritual health in a circle of like-minded people

A mind-altering program.

How to join us?

Starts Thursday, March 7 @ 7 pm

(each class is approx 1h30 - 4 week program)

Join us in-person (New Edinburgh) or online

$211 CAD

For details and registration, contact Briya at


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