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Cellular Regeneration & Self-Awareness

Updated: Apr 5

A mini-course in cellular regeneration + awareness


Learning to heal yourself with energy

is an experience that will change your life

+ the way you interact with the world around you.​

Cellular Breathing is an initiation to the practice of energy clearing and self-healing for cellular regeneration and awareness.

In this sweet 3-part series, you will learn to use your breath, intention and awareness to access your body's natural reserves of energy, with powerful benefits for healing, clarity, and personal presence. 

The benefits of this practice include:​

  •  enhancing your health and vitality

  •  strengthening your aura and energetic field removing negative or stagnant energy from your earth bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental body)

  •  expanding your personal presence 

  •  providing a greater ability to stay grounded in challenging situations

  •  supporting a greater flow of ease, harmony, prosperity and balance in your life

This series is especially beneficial if ...

  • you’re looking for new tools to deal with stress & clear your mind

  • you’re sensitive to energy and want to improve your health & vitality

  • you work in the healing arts (e.g. counselling, massage, etc) and want to learn to clear yourself energetically from the imprints of your clients

  • you want to create a stronger aura or personal presence

  • you live or work in a negative or low frequency environment, and want to learn to source yourself in your own energy

  • you’re curious to learn more about energy healing and spiritual awakening


“Dear Briya, Thank you so much for your beautiful presence. I felt so elevated during this session and am so grateful. Please for anyone who wants or is thinking about taking this class, you totally should! You will see much benefit.”  – Marie-Eve​

“What an amazing experience. I believe that I learned even more about myself. I was also able to build on and better understand what I learned during Practical Awakening. I feel energized, cleansed and free.”  –  Carmen

"Cellular Breathing helped me feel greater peace and harmony at work and at home. Briya’s teaching helped me identify patterns of stress that I was holding onto, and her reminders to be gentle with myself stayed with me long after the course ended. I believe this course is a great tool for people like myself, working in the healthcare field as it allows you to become aware of the stagnant energies and to find better harmony at home and at work!” – BF

Course details:

Thursdays, April 11 - 25 (3 weeks)

7-8:30 pm   $135 CAD

Online ​

Register by e-transfer to or by PayPal​


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