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Recent Interview: Mental Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Recent Interview: Mental Health & Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World

Since the onset of this pandemic, mental health and well-being has become top of mind for most people.

This weekend, I had a great time this weekend chatting with Ottawa's "The Goods" with host Dahlia Kurtz on the CFRA about the benefits of breathwork and meditation to improve focus, stress-resilience and relaxation as we move into the second wave of the pandemic.

Listen to the interview (14 mins) here

About Breathing Breaks

Breathing Breaks is a 7-week online breathwork series designed for remote working teams (or online classrooms).

This is a 7-week course in guided breathwork basically designed for "people who don't meditate". Each session is designed to be under 25 minutes, providing you with a fast, easy and fun way to focus, engagement and morale at this challenging time.

Learn more about Breathing Breaks here


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