Breathing Breaks


What are Breathing Breaks?

Breathing Breaks© is an energizing breathwork series designed to enhance well-being, concentration and innovation in remote-working teams and online learning environments.


During this 7-week series, your team will experience the benefits of a short, simple breathwork practice which serves to quickly lower stress levels and to increase feelings of relaxation, calm, focus, and team collaboration.

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Breathing is massively practical. It's meditation for people who can't meditate."

Dr. Belisa Vranich, author of Breathe

How does the Breathing Breaks program work?

Sessions will take place cver a 7-week series using the online platform of your choice.

Each session is under 25 minutes, and is designed to be fast, fun, easy and accessible for all participants.


Each session will include an active guided breathwork practice and practical mindfulness-inspired tips to improve focus and mental well-being at work.

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Breathing is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

- Giovanni Papini


Why Breathwork?

Recent studies -- including those undertaken at Harvard, Stanford, and through the New York Times -- have demonstrated the benefits of breathwork including:


  • Enhanced physical well-being, immune function and vitality

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, grief, anger, depression and risk of burnout

  • Heightened focus, calm, non-reactiveness and concentration

  • Increased morale, productivity, emotional intelligence and creativity 

  • Helping to reduce inflammation, regulate blood pressure and prevent insomnia

While much has been written on breathwork, the best way to experience its incredible benefits is to try the Breathing Breaks practice for yourself!


Meet Your Facilitator

Briya (Rachel) Freeman is facilitator and consultant with nearly 15 years’ experience in serving public and government organizations.



Over the past 8 years, her courses in breathwork, meditation and stress-resilience have also reached private, public and international audiences.


As a facilitator, she is known to be professional, highly experienced and engaging.


“Work and daily life, especially in the midst of COVID-19, has been incredibly stressful and I often found my brain too overwhelmed to be able to focus. This activity was an excellent outlet for me to gain clarity and focus. I have used this in my practice as a nurse manager and find the more I use it, the more efficient and productive I am. I feel the quality of my work will improve as I continue to practice breath works because of how it allows me to focus. I will be sharing this at team meetings as well.

"I feel like this faculty cares about my mental health!"

At first I was reluctant to partcipate [in this program], but as the weeks went on, I started to look forward to the breathing exercises. It was a way to ease into class, take a moment to be grateful for important things that matter. We don't value mindfulness as a society!


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