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How to make life easier with Ayurveda

How to make life easier with Ayurveda

SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING :: a proverb that I've often heard many times from my Nepalese friends, and which I feel summarizes that Ayurvedic approach in a nutshell.

Basically, this means that by learning to live with simplicity, we also create space in our lives for more wisdom, compassion and receptivity to higher states of awareness (intuition).

In our modern world, we have so many options for how to stay healthy.... but sometimes, all these suggestions seem way too complicated, and leave us feeling more disconnected from ourselves than ever !

What I love most about the Ayurvedic approach is its elegance, where we learn to focus on these very timeless core principles that lead us directly to greater balance, energy and presence.

This simplicity also allows you to create extra space in your life for what truly matters.... whatever that means for you.

One of my students recently shared that she was surprised that the Ayurvedic approach actually made her life (and cooking) so much easier, because she doesn't have to overthink it anymore !

This week, as part of my working lunches, I've been enjoying this simple brown rice kichari with kale, beets and coriander chutney. Simple, energizing, grounding and really truly delicious.

We'll explore this recipe and more in our upcoming series in Ayurvedic healing

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