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Am I responsible for my emotions?


We started our Monday night Breathontology series with this question, as most take our emotional intelligence for granted.

This includes:

✨ how our emotions can be an incredible tool to help you navigate your reality, and recognize the people, places and experiences that are best suited for your development

✨ how emotions like anger, sadness and distrust can actually be part of a healthy inner radar system to keep you safe (and yet, that you don’t have to stay stuck there)

✨ how your emotions relate to the play of elements in your body and how to make supportive lifestyle choices

✨ how unprocessed emotions (such as stress or trauma) create toxins in our system, contributing to dis-ease and making it more difficult to sense what is real / unreal (intuition)

✨ how our pure emotions often gets hijacked by the media and unrealistic social standards

✨ how common it is to check out, bypass, justify or blame (others or ourselves) when difficult emotions come up

✨ how to hold space for yourself and others in the face of difficult emotions, and to learn to cultivate the positive emotions you need for healthy digestion, good sleep, a balanced nervous system, and healthy relationships

✨ how feelings like passion, excitement, curiosity and belonging are your natural state of being

The wisdom traditions of Ayurveda provide us with many wise tools and teachings to help us understand, care and harmonize the emotional body + this is part of what we're exploring in our Monday night Breathontology series.

Curious to learn more? You're welcome to join us for this online breathwork series on Mondays evenings @ 7 pm EST / online $22 drop in / $125 for the series (7 weeks left) DM for details and to connect at hello@briyafreeman.con

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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