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Winter Solistice Ceremony: Dec 21 @ 7 pm

You're invited : Winter Solstice Ceremony

Dear friends,

This week,

we are preparing to

'turn a page energetically '

on our last cycle

as we approach the winter solstice on December 21


The day of the solstice

(including +/- 3 days before and after)

can often be a sensitive time for our physical , mental and energetic bodies,

and is an excellent time to prioritize rest, self-care,

time in nature, meditation and turning inward. 

Energetically,we are entering into

a still pointof our year

which offer us great possibilitiesfor renewal,


changes in perspective and rebirth.

I'm honoured to invite you to join us

in ceremony and meditation

Thursday, December 21 @ 7 pm

This will be

a free event

where seekers of all walks of life

(including beginners )

are welcome.

I hope you can join us

as we catalyze our present opportunities

for a conscious humanity together.

RSVP by email to hold your space

In gratitude,


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