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What is energetic fragmentation?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023


Your personal presence holds a great power and is a much-needed medicine for our times.

Too often however, our personal presence lacks in clarity, potency and alignment --- due in part to our distractions, self-avoidance and cultural conditioning -- as well as a fundamental misunderstanding of our role as co-creators of this reality.

Energetic fragmentation has detrimental effects on our physical vitality and well-being, including fatigue, low motivation, lack of purpose, poor digestion, scattered emotions, incoherent relationship patterns and a lack of mental peace. This 3-hour workshop explores, heals and restores your energetic structure from the effects of fragmentation, supporting greater clarity, magnetism, aliveness and potency in your energetic field. Expect inspiring teachings, self-inquiry and personalized feedback, group alchemy and a guided ceremony to support greater unity, balance and cohesion in the earth bodies.

Friday, August 11 from 6 - 9 PM EST (3 hours)

Online or in-person (New Edinburgh)

Registration: $ 85

Limited spaces available.

To register, please RSVP to or DM for more info.


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