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What is Breathontology (& What Can It Do For Me)?

Get centered in stillness.

The world is becoming increasingly fast-paced and complex.Creating a space each day for relaxation, stillness and self-connection is vital to your well-being.

Your nervous system needs support.

Heightened stress in the nervous system can show up as sleep issues, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, low motivation, emotional disconection, body pain, or depression.

Today, having a practice to strengthen and balance your nervous system has become as indispensable as brushing your teeth.

Get feedback on your growth.

It’s sometimes difficult to see how our own patterns and mental blocks contibute to our life challenges and inner suffering.

Neutral feedback in a safe space helps you to challenge your old stories and assumptions, see yourself in a new light and align with a greater source of inspiration and fulfillment inside you.

What’s included in this program?

  • 7 weeks of private guided breathwork sessions (in person or online)

  • a tailored program to meet your unique needs (suitable for any age, fitness level or special health requirements)

  • guided audio recordings to bring the benefits of breathwork into your home

  • healing, inspiration and learning

What are clients saying about this program?

“I signed up for 1:1 Breathontology coaching because I was struggling with chronic sleeping problems and looking for a tool to deal with stress. On the surface, the Breathontology coaching program looks very simple. After going through the process, I now understand that there’s a lot more to it. [...]

“This is something you can’t do alone, get from a book, or follow a top 10 checklist! Even your friends and family can’t help you, no matter how much they love you. It’s a process that requires care and guidance from a coach like Briya. She doesn’t ever impose, but is there to support your journey in a way that's wise, kind, highly intuitive and empowering. Thank you so much guiding me in this program! ”

Curious to learn more?

Let’s talk ! Reach out to Briya to book your introductory assessment here or to learn more about this program here


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