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New Course in Spiritual Energetics*

Take the next step in your journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery.

In this 7-week course, you will explore:

- inspiring principles and hands-on tools and dynamics to support, heal and enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health vitality - an easy, gentle daily practice designed to help you relax, clear your mind from uncertainty and unlock greater intuition - an introduction to meditation, breath-work and natural healing that's suitable for beginners and seekers of any level of experience - how to understand your unique mind-body type for greater balance, well-being, and to access to more of you true potential - inspiring teachings to support personal growth, creativity and spiritual awakening

What are past participants saying about this course?

"This class has helped me understand myself better – how to be able to take a step back and see things from a more calm perspective. Spirituality is something I had never tried to understand, yet it is one of the most important things we should learn to understand. If everyone practiced it, the world would be a more loving place. I strongly believe this is something that should be taught to our children in school!”

- Matt, Business Owner

“Thank you for teaching such an amazing course. It was incredibly helpful, and I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with me. I have never felt so much peace, bliss and enlightenment. This was the best experience for my personal growth I have ever had.”

- Sasha, Real Estate Agent

“Briya is one of those rare radiant beings, who is truly there spiritually to support you on your journey. While Briya effectively conveys practical knowledge, this is always done with a joyful smile.

Being very generous with her time, Briya is able to frame your thoughts and questions against a tremendous backdrop of experience. Working with Briya I have seen wonderful improvements. Briya is a great teacher!”

- Faisal, Engineer

Is this course right for me?

- I know that I'm ready to make a positive change in my life and to activate more of my joy, intuition or inner potential - I’m looking for new tools to help me feel stronger and more balanced from within, and to upgrade my quality of life - I’m struggling with emotional or physical challenges such as stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, depression or lack of focus​ and would like to learn natural ways to heal myself - I’m in a period of personal transition and am seeking new tools to support my healing and inner transformation - I’m excited about exploring topics such as self-development, personal growth, spirituality, energy healing and/or mysticism

Don't miss this inspiring series!

Our next session starts:

Wednesday, September 14 @ 7 pm EST

Full details & registration are here


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