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Movement, Meditation & Breath: The Goddess Series



This 4-week series is a fun and activating series exploring the themes of the feminine and the second chakra : sensuality, sexuality, creativity, emotions, and pleasure.

At the darkest time of the year, we will be working to cultivate the light within using this powerful source of vital energy --- one that is so often blocked by shame, guilt, misunderstanding, overthinking or ignorance of our sacred power.

In this series, we will explore:

- a vigorous, activating movement series inspired by yoga & feminine sensual dance

- breathontology and meditations for healing and body awareness

- energetic principles for feminine empowerment and spiritual freedom

*** Please don't worry if you aren't a dancer, this is a class to feel good, open up the hips and connect with a different part of yourself energetically. Don't be shy!

Registration info:

Mondays, November 6-27, 7 - 8:15 pm EST (4 weeks) Live, online series (or join by recording on your own time) $125 CAD

Beginner or more advanced seekers welcome.

For questions or inquiries, please reach out to Briya at


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