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Fall Equinox Fire Ceremony : Free Online Event


For the Fall Equinox, I'm pleased to be offering a group healing and teaching the practice of agni hotra or Vedic fire ceremony.

Agni hotra means healing through fire. This is a simple practice that is powerful, healing, relaxing, balancing and takes only moments to perform. Its benefits include stress-release, balancing the fire element in the body-mind, inducing a positive mental emotional state, transforming negative energies into those conducive to harmony, peace and meditation, and supporting natural ecology and the healing of Earth.

We see similar practices in ancestral traditions across the globe, but this one comes from the traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Friday, September 23 @ 12 noon EST


Free event; all welcome

(It will be like a powerful and uplifting group meditation)

RSVP to Briya to connect at

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