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Ayurvedic Self-Care Practice:The Honey Beauty Mask

"The deliciousness of milk and honey is the reflection of the pure heart:

from that heart the sweetness of every sweet thing is derived."

- Rumi

The Honey Beauty Mask

Complicated beauty products are hardly required when Mother Nature did so much by intelligent design. Honey is a truly amazing, natural and SIMPLE beauty product to help your skin retain its moisture, remove dead skin cells and brighten your complexion. It is deeply nourishing, full of antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes, and is antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Whenever I can, I try to look out for raw local honey at farmer's markets in my area (or health food stores), as this will be the best medicine for your region.

To make your mask:

1. Wash your face with water, apply a layer of honey to your face, and leave the mask on your skin for 15-20 minutes. 2. As a variation, you may also wish to do a gentle scrub, using the honey as an exfoliant.

3. While you're letting your mask sink in, this is a good time to play some gentle music and two place a slice of cucumber (or cotton pads dipped in rosewater) over each eye. 4. When you’re done, simply wash your face with water and follow with your usual moisturizing routine. *Note: You may wish to test your skin first, as some have a sensitivity to honey.

About the Author

Briya (Rachel) Freeman facilitates courses in meditation, ayurveda and modern spirituality. She is passionate about exploring the potentials of human consciousness in a way that respects, unites and transcends global culture and tradition.

Briya is a long-term student of Berdhanya Swami Tierra, a female mystic and shaman of South American origin. She also holds studies in ayurveda at Anjali School of Ayurveda (Kerala, India) and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Ottawa. She is the creator of Ayurveda for Vibrant Living, a practical exploration of the fundamentals of the science of self-healing. She can be reached at or at


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