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Hi, my name is Briya.

I believe that how you relate to yourself
shapes how you experience the world around you.

I believe that we are all powerful creators, and that you have a far greater capacity to experience joy, freedom, creativity, expansion and love than you probably realize.

I help people come into greater alignment with who they are, to let go of unconscious blocks and to access more of their true potential.

I offer one-on-one coaching and group courses,

in individual, small group, and corporate sessions.

I work with time-tested, self-empowering tools to help your body remember how to find balance, release stress and heal itself -- including breathwork, meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, herbalism, 

natural self-care, self-inquiry and ceremony.


Curious to learn more?

I'd love to hear from you!


​"Briya is such an amazing teacher! She has a way of meeting her students where they are at and gently encouraging them to challenge themselves to be consistent with their practice. She is a delight -- so knowledgeable and loving.

- Kim

"In our journey through life, finding a knowledgeable traveling companion who encourages us to explore new directions is truly a gift. Briya’s gentle way and warm smile guide us in remembering that we are the creators of our constantly evolving life."

- Bianca

This course is a rare gift. It is both humbling and empowering as it allows us to have a peak at a very sophisticated and wholesome system where body, heart and mind are simply inextricable. Briya gracefuly guided us through simple but transformative practices of everyday living, breathing, cooking, being present. This ayurveda course truly contributes to a more vibrant living. Thank you for ever."

- Laurence

"Amazingly beautiful course! As a woman who has always struggled with my body image and weight, this course has given me the BIGGEST AH-HA moment of my life! [..] I’m truly grateful for having Briya as my teacher. She carries warmth, understanding and no judgment. I look forward to many more teachings!” - Keely​

“Thank you for the lovely course! It helped to open my mind and connect it with my physical body. I loved the mind-body connection work! The questions you posed were so thoughtful and purposeful. It made me think of things I had never even considered in terms of my own self-concept. It was a practical course that had an immediate affect on my daily well-being.” - Kathryn

After having studied the Wisdom Traditions and Healing Arts for many years, and having a chance to be in the presence of some of the most incredible spiritual teachers in the world, from Ammachi to Jack Kornfield , A.H. Almaas, Sri Maa, The Dalai Lama, Baba Hari Dass and more, I can honestly say that the level of clarity and wisdom that comes through this extraordinary young woman is truly remarkable and indeed, a great gift to anyone that has the honor of working with her.” - Prema