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A Guided Home Cleanse with Ayurveda

You're invited to join us for a guided Ayurvedic home cleanse.

Upon registration, you will be provided with a comprehensive home cleanse program inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda.

This cleanse will be self-guided + include Q&A support from Briya.


Your home cleanse program will include:

  • daily self-care practices for healing and seasonal detoxification, including steaming, self-massage, sweating, an internal oleation

  • a special healing diet plan, including delicious, easy recipes that help you feel balanced, calm and nourished

  • a guided breathontology practice (afternoon practice) to support healing, detoxification and stress-release

  • support from an experienced facilitator with opportunities for Q&A

What are the benefits of seasonal cleansing with Ayurveda?

  • opens a space for deep healing, rest and rejuvenation on all levels of your being -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

  • helps heal from the effects of a fast-paced lifestyle, including chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression or overstimulation​

  • helps strengthen digestion, enhance metabolism, reduce unhealthy food cravings, and balance body-weight

  • ​boosts immunity and helps prevent colds, flus and congestion

  • promotes a peaceful, joyful mood and a calm, clear mind

  • enhances natural beauty and radiant skin

  • promotes strong immunity and vitality for the season ahead​​


Who is this program for?

  • You want to feel better in your body and upgrade your self-care routine

  • You're feeling heavy at the change of seasons and are craving a spring cleanse !

  • You're looking to feel more like yourself after a period of stress, anxiety or transition (job changes, divorce, etc)

  • You're looking for new tools to help calm your mind and connect with your body's intution

  • You're on the path of self-healing and are looking for new tools to support immunity, energy, strength and glow

  • You're curious to learn more about topics like Ayurveda and natural healing in a way that's relaxing, empowering and deeply nourishing

No prior experience with Ayurveda is required for this program.


We're going to make this fun, easy, and enjoyable for you!



Best practices for this program

This program for healing and rejuvenation is suitable for most healthy individuals. Those with health concerns or special needs can consult with our Ayurvedic Doctor before beginning.


During this program, you will be able to maintain your normal work schedule.


However, it is recommended that you keep your social schedule to a minimum to make extra time in the evenings for rest, introspection and healing.

Before the cleanse begins, please take some time to review your home cleanse guide, get familiar with the self-care practices and recipes, and to to do your shopping before this cleanse begins.

I'm in! How do I register?


This is a self-guided program which can be done on your own schedule. Please commit 7 days of your schedule for deep rest, healing, contemplation and a special diet.


Upon registration, you will receive a program guide, including recipes and self-care routines. You will want to shop before our program begins to allow for optimal time for rest and healing.

The cost of this program is $150 CAD.


To register or to find out if this is a good program for you, contact Briya at


I look forward to hosting you!


In gratitude,


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