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Breathwork & Spiritual Development



My name is Briya and my work is dedicated to helping those on the path of self-healing and spiritual awakening.

I believe that we have the power to experience more joy, passion, creativity and magic as part of our daily reality.

I work with practical, time-tested tools for embodiment and self-connection including breathwork, bioenergetics, meditation, Ayurveda, shamanism, yoga and mystic science.

I offer private mentorship, group courses and retreats to people of all walks of life.

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How do I start?

If you're new to this work or curious to learn more, I'd love to hear from you! 

Feel free to reach out for an introductory assessment below.


In the words of past clients...

"I highly recommend taking Briya's course! It explained many concepts used in the spiritual community which I had heard before but didn't really fully understand. The group dynamic and sense of humour Briya used in her teaching made the learning process fun. Each class had a nice balance of learning and practical exercises leaving you relaxed and enlightened after every class. [...] I was grinning ear to ear by the end! Thanks again for the great experience!" - Andrea

"Briya is an inspired teacher who distills precious drops of knowledge and wisdom that can really deepen your understanding of who you truly are.  This class opened up new spaces of contemplation that enriched and enlarged my perception. All aspects of your being are supported, including your physical body, as Briya offers simple yet extremely effective self-care practices to help you deeply integrate the teachings.


The ceremonies and meditations in this course were elevating and magical – beeeautiful! The opportunities to reflect and share were also very precious. If you want to embody more light, or create more space in your life for joy, inspiration and energy, this class is for you! Merci de tout coeur Briya!"

- Genevieve

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