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Soul Contracts and Energetic Sovereignty

a 5-week series exploring the subconscious dimensions

of connection, self-healing and freedom

What are soul contracts?

Before you were born, your soul made a plan

for what it wanted to experience as part of your journey on Earth.

Your soul plan included the family you were born into,

your significant intimate partner(s), your children, and the supporters,

guides or teachers that you would meet along the way.

Until you have fully understood the purpose behind

your soul contracts, its unresolved dynamics play out

in the back of your psyche, creating blocks or challenges related

to self-worth, authority, boundaries, energy,

health, prosperity, intimacy and freedom.

Learning to embody the lessons behind your soul contracts

can open up incredible opportunities

for healing, empowerment and a greater alignment

with who you truly are.

In the path of spiritual awakening,

clarifying your soul contracts will help you understand

why you're here at this important time in Earth's history

and help you walk with greater clarity and conviction 
toward your purpose, passion and sovereignty.

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What will I learn in this course?


In this course, you will explore:

- the theme of soul contracts in your key life relationships:

family members, partners, lovers, ex-partners and children; 

- how to view your soul (or ancestral) contracts in a way that

supports healing, detachment and empowerment

- a cord clearing ceremony to help you recognize, detach and heal

from relationship dynamics that are obsolete

and to reclaim your energetic sovereignty

- teachings and an energetic process to support

a more conscious relationship to

your own passion and inner guidance system (higher self)

Is this series right for me?

This series is a great fit for you if:

- you want to reclaim a stronger connection with who you really are

(higher self, passion or Source energy)

- you want to better understand your soul, family

or ancestral contracts

-  you're seeking to to reclaim your energetic field after a divorce

or break up (or to heal unhealthy relationship patterns, such as co-dependency)

- you want to learn to protect yourself from energy that doesn't

belong to you (i.e. guilt, worry, negativity) 

- you want to learn to create a stronger, cleaner

and more cohesive energetic field

(aura / personal presence)











Meet Your Facilitator: Briya Freeman


Briya Freeman has been facilitating courses and ceremonies

for self-healing and spiritual awakening and self-healing since 2011.

She draws from a background of +15 years in yoga, meditation, shamanism, energetics and mind-body healing, and is a long-term student of Berdhanya Swami Tierra, a female mystic, shaman and spiritual teacher.

Learn more about Briya here


Course details:

Wednesday, May 18- June 15
7 pm - 8:30 pm
$325 CAD


Online & in-person

RSVP required. Limited spaces.

All welcome.




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