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*Why do we typically recommend a 7-week coaching program for beginners?*

Why do we typically recommend a 7-week Breathontology

coaching program for beginners?

A lot of new clients come to me with a background in healing, mindfulness or yoga -- and wonder if they can get by with just 1-2 sessions of Breathontology Coaching.

The short answer is : yes, absolutely!

... You will most probably feel a shift after your first session --- which can often feel quite profound.

However, for most new clients, we typically recommend a 7-week program. Sessions are highly tailored to your unique needs, experience level and background

.... Why is that?

In today's world, we are hard-wired to want answers and solutions FAST --- because that's the pace we work and live at.

However, your mind-body works in an entirely different way.... and can actually be a bit *slow* to open up, relax and heal...

Did you know that energetically, it takes:

40 days to form a new habit

90 days to make deeper changes to your psyche

and 120 days for those changes to be solidified in your bioenergetic field

In your first few weeks of practice, you will likely begin to experience a release of layers of build up stress, tensions and impressions.

As clarity begins to emerge, we can begin to work together on changing deeper thought patterns and belief systems.

.....To express this in a different way, you're actually a lot like an onion, with many different layers of awareness, memory and energetic potential.

To get to the core of what you are -- and ultimately, to access more of your inner wisdom and healing potential -- we generally want to work in stages + make slow, steady progress over time.

... You may even find that this dedication to slow, steady practice over time is a medicine in itself!


“I signed up for 1:1 Breathontology coaching because I was struggling with chronic sleeping problems and looking for a tool to deal with stress. On the surface, the Breathontology coaching program looks very simple. After going through the process, I now understand that there’s a lot more to it.

This 7-week program has helped me uncover some of the deeper thoughts, memories, feelings and behavioral patterns that were the true source of my inner struggles for years.

Now that I understand the source of the problem, I feel that I have a clear path to resolving these patterns both at work and in intimate relationships.

This is something you can’t do alone, get from a book, or follow a top 10 checklist! Even your friends and family can’t help you, no matter how much they love you. It’s a process that requires care and guidance from a coach like Briya. She doesn’t ever impose, but is there to support your journey in a way that's wise, kind, highly intuitive and empowering.

Thank you so much guiding me in this program! ” - NN

"My experience with the Breathontology program with Briya has been life changing. I have incorporated the different breathing practices into various parts of my day and have noticed many positive changes in my life. I feel more present and aware when navigating my day. I am also more comfortable being my true authentic self and acting with integrity.

Having Briya to talk to about the challenges in life has been invaluable and I know I would not be on the path I am on today if it was not for her.

I highly recommend taking a class with her for anyone who wants to embody more of their true authentic self and increase their vibrational frequency." -Ryan


1 Session: $108 CAD / hour

4 Session Package: $395 CAD

7 Session Package: $625 CAD

***Payment plans available by request.

To learn more about Breathontology coaching, feel free to reach out for a free assessment here or learn more about our programs here


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