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This Friday: Are you in right relationship with your fire?


Are you in right relationship with your fire element, and how does it play out in your process of healing and spiritual awakening?

The Fire element is responsible for our power of transmutation, leadership, courage and alignment with our passions.

It is also the process by which we transform our life experiences into wisdom, light and creative self-expression.

On a physical level, fire rules our digestion and metabolism, hormonal balance, a clear, calm mind, and personal charisma, where harnessing this energy makes you a positive influence in the world around you.

When out of balance, fire can leave us feeling burnt out, competitive, judgmental, unaccomplished and lacking coherence between our action and intention.

This 3-hour process explores, heals + restores your relationship with the fire element, including:

- energetic teachings based in the wisdom of Ayurveda

- a guided process to enhance mind-body connection and restore the fire element

- intro to pulse reading + personalized feedback

- group ceremony, alchemy fun and connection

Don't miss it, especially if you are a fire-type or fire-sign person.


Friday, July 28 from 6 - 9 pm

Join us online or in-person (New Edinburgh)

$85, includes Ayurvedic tea and treat

RSVP or inquiries to


"I had almost forgotten how powerful it is when women come together in a circle to explore the worlds of healing and spirit -- it's magical! Men are always welcome too but this was perfect. Briya is extraordinary with her knowledge and vision. She gave us each a pulse reading and recommendations to align with our bodies' wisdom that were very personalized and truly refreshing. As women, we are subject to so much conditioning about how our bodies should be and this was something very different, truly inspiring and pivotal. Thank you so much Briya for sharing your knowledge." - SG


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