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On Coming Undone : A world in crisis

Over the last few months, I've had a few female clients show up in my practice all sharing something in common : a feeling that they are dying.

These are women of all different walks of life and backgrounds, no serious illness, no history of depression. They are the people you would probably meet at yoga or at a dinner party and feel like they really have it all together, really strong, charming, likeable, smart, lovely people.

Over the past few years or months, they just feel like a part of them is dying, but they cannot quite put their finger on what it is.

It's like this urgent inner feeling that their backs are against the wall, that the status quo is no longer an option, where what once seemed so real and important no longer seems to be so.... where they feel they are ready to do something RADICAL to change their way of being in the world.

At the same time, they all have enough intelligence to know that they don't need to burn it all down, walk out of their marriage or move to the jungle.

They are just in the place of sincere and painful acknowledgment that life on Earth is an all stakes game, and inner change is needed NOW.

Now.... life on Earth has always been an all-stakes game, which is what spiritual teachers and mystics have been telling us for centuries. We have a limited amount of time here to remember and start doing what we came here to do. Still, humans are a difficult, stubborn crowd and we have gotten pretty caught up in the confusion, distractions and conditioning for a very long time... which is part of why humanity is in such a mess right now. It just seems that recently, someone turned up the temperature on this message of urgency.

The truth is that breakthroughs and openings often happen in a place like this -- in the place of inner crisis where the pain is too great to carry, where denial or coping no longer works, where the body starts screaming with strange and unusual symptoms, where we are open enough to accept help, & when we acknowledge the responsibility for inner change that we hold within.

.... And then somehow, either by grace or by love or by readiness or by the intelligence of one's own soul, by magic or by a clear inner choice, we start to open up into an entirely different way of being.

This can often be a painful, messy and disorienting process, and is not for the faint of heart. In other ways, it is incredibly simple and everything is given.

In all honesty, it takes an incredible amount of courage, sincerity and self-honesty to go through the mind games and to simply FEEL into our own confusion and disorientation, without turning away or going numb or projecting or letting the spark go from our eyes.... to still remember the reason we came here to live, even if it is exquisitely simple.

I've long felt that as these women are holding great intelligence in their dying process, a kind of love that holds the crisis of Earth right now as our own, and which transmutes through the power of feeling into a spiritual rebirth.

May it be so ✨️☀️🙏🏼

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With love,



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