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Are You A Seeker?

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Seekers are actually a rare breed, and it helps to know if you are one.

What is a Seeker?

We call those who seek the truth of who they are as "seekers".

The seeker is one who is called to curious pursuits. They are our healers, mystics, poets, creators, dreamers, visionaries. The seeker is usually an artist-type, without necessarily having touched a paint brush or mastered any particular art form. The seeker is drawn to express the creative self, because at its core, the awakened heart is creative.

A seeker is born sensitive. They are often called to the path by some mysterious illness or by some other form of deep discontentment. Other times, they have attained a certain degree success in the world, only to realize its futility. The seeker is drawn beyond the confines of the material world to explore the tender truth of who and what they are.

The seeker must come to terms with the fact that, if they are not content in the world as it is given, it is because they are here to help create something new. Paradoxically, the true seeker is born in deep compassion, surrender and commitment to what is. By living within this chasm, they come to realize their magic, their medicine and an irresistible sense of service to the world of form.

A seeker is born unique, unnameable, incomparable to any other, as diverse as divinity itself. They belong to the beat of the drum, to the wise eyes of elders, to the ecstasy of lovers, to the zen of the tea cup and to the power of their choices. The seeker is one who lives in fearless surrender to love itself.

Are you a seeker?


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