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Welcome to Your Fall Cleanse

Nourish and Release is a 3-day program

to support whole body healing,

deep rest and rejuvenation.



Our program combines: 

- a simple and nourishing dietary cleanse plan

- specialized Ayurvedic treatments to balance body and mind

using warm, organic herbalized oils


- plenty of time for rest and relaxation in your own home!


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Why Fall Cleansing?

In Ayurveda, a cleanse is recommended at the onset of the fall season

when our bodies are most open to the spirit of transition.


This gentle cleanse helps to support your entire physiology-- 

including your mind, body, emotional and spiritual well-being  --

by helping you to slow down, by focusing on nourishing herbs and foods,

by taking time to rest,  and by providing your body

with the opportunity to heal itself. 

The Benefits of an Ayurvedic Cleanse

- reducing stress and anxiety

- strengthening digestion

- helping to balance body weight

- helping to improve your connection with your body's wisdom

- releasing stuck emotions and promoting a balanced mood

- improving stress-resilience

- improving immunity during the winter months

- promoting energy and vitality for the season ahead

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of natural healing from Ancient India.

Also known as 'the sister science of yoga', it is based in a 5,000 year old tradition.


Ayurveda considers that well-being comes from a balance

between mind, body and spirit, and aims to boost longevity,

immunity and natural well-being.

What is a Shirodhara?

"Shirodhara" is an Ayurvedic treatment to balance

and harmonize the mind.

Its benefits include improved focus and concentration,

the removal of deep-seated stress from the mind,

improved sleep, bringing balance to the hormonal system,

and the activation of the third eye (intuition).

How Can I Plan for this Cleanse?

Once you have booked your treatments with us, you will be provided

with a list of recommendations for your cleanse,

including a simple shopping list and recipes. 

The foundation for this cleanse is a healing dish called kichari,

a simple Ayurvedic soup known for healing the body and mind.

We also have detoxification kits

-- including mung dal, rice, spices and herbs to aid your purification

-- available for sale to support your journey (details coming soon!)

The more time you can set aside for yourself to rest and relaxation during

this three-day cleanse, the better! As much as possible, plan to do the cleanse when you

can minimize your exposure to stress (e.g. during the weekend).

In ideal circumstances, you would not be working during this cleanse,

and you would avoid scheduling any extra social activities

so you can rest as much as possible.

In general, you are not expected to be hungry during this cleanse,

 to deplete yourself, or to feel deprived.


You will be eating 3 meals a day, or more if needed.

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A Fresh Start to Your Fall...

This three-day cleanse is short and simple,

but can give powerful results !

This simple practice can initiate dramatic improvements

in the quality of your digestion and elimination,

your food cravings, your energy level, your emotional balance,

your connection to your body's innate wisdom,

and your overall well-being.

You will be giving your body-mind the opportunity

to deeply rest, to strengthen your digestive fire, to process old emotions,

and to release deep-seated stress.

We hope that it serves you in many beautiful and gratifying ways,

and we look forward to supporting you on your healing journey! 

Meet Your Therapist

Satkiana Shaw is a gifted, intuitive healer, therapist

and counselor based in Ottawa East.


Her professional background combines over 15+ years

of practice in Ayurveda, shamanism, energetic healing,

as well as formal studies as a spiritual psychotherapist.


Her clients rave about her slow, caring, loving, grounding approach,

and her capacity to serve as a clear channel for the inspiration of spirit.

She may even become your new best friend!

Satkiana can be reached at 

Choose from Our 2 Fall Packages

$435 CAD

This gentle and self-loving treatment package combines a 3-day dietary cleanse plan and 3 days of full body, herbalized oil massage, and plenty of rest in your own home (1.5 hour of treatment per day)


This package includes 4.5 hours of treatment time, organic herbalized oils to balance your body-mind, dietary recommendations, and plenty of rest  for a deep and rejuvenating full body reset. 


This deep and revitalizing treatment package combines a 3-day dietary cleanse plan with 3 days of full body, herbalized oil massage and shirodhara, a revitalizing Ayurvedic treatment for the mind. (approx. 2 hours of treatment per day)


This package includes 6 hours treatment time, organic herbalized oils to balance your mind-body, dietary recommendations, and plenty of rest for deeper levels of rest, healing and rejuvenation.

Treatment Locations

Viveda Ayurveda

91 Donald Street

Ottawa Ontario

K1K 1N1

Book Your Cleanse with Us Today!

Limited Spaces are available.


Please book by November 15

to reserve your space!

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