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A revolutionary coaching program using the power of your breath to transform body, mind and emotions

Hello, wise one...

Did you know that one of the most powerful tools to help you heal from chronic stress, relax deeply, transform mental patterns, and awaken your inner potential is already inside you?

You may be shocked to find out that your breath can be used to unlock an incredible source of healing and vital energy to transform your body, mind and emotions. 

Within just minutes, you can learn to use the power of your breath to help you clear your mind, improve concentration, enhance intuition and improve mental altertness.

What's even more fascinating is that there's a direct correlation between how you breathe and your physiological, psychological, emotional, and psycho-spiritual state? 

This means that daily breathwork is also a tool to enhance healing, alleviate body pain, sharpen your mind, enhance intuition, and promote positive emotional states such as patience, joy, inner peace and unconditional love.

Working with the breath is safe, gentle, cost-effective, accessible for all ages and body types, scientifically validated, and has no side effects.

Curious to learn more?

Take a deep breath with me and keep reading...

What is the Breath Coaching Program?

The Breath Coaching Program is a revolutionary coaching program that will teach you to use your breath to heal, revitalize and transform your body, mind and emotions.

Through each week of this program, you will be guided by a skilled coach to use a safe, powerful and effective breathwork practice, allowing you to deeply relax, heal from chronic stress or anxiety, and awaken your body's natural intelligence.

These private sessions will also provide you with the opportunity to discuss in a confidential setting any areas of your life where you feel stressed, stuck, unfulfilled or uninspired, helping you to recognize and transform unconscious thought patterns and beliefs. 

By the end of this program, you'll have experienced the benefits of a daily breathwork practice and an empowering new mindset, supporting profound and lasting changes to how you perform, interact, and show up in the world around you.

What is Breathontology?

Breathontology is a science which uses the breath for healing and awakening of vital energy, and includes the study of physiology, psychology, neurology, neuroplasticity, yoga, and the awakening of human potential. 

Breathontology sessions generally combine breathwork, gentle movement, relaxation practices and personal coaching in lifestyle and mindset.

They are fun, gentle, empowering and invigorating, and can be tailored to your unique needs, healing goals, and abilities.

The Benefits of Breathwork Coaching

+ provides an opportunity for deep healing, rest and rejuvenation on all levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

+ helps heal from chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, overstimulation or a fast-paced lifestyle

+ enhances cognitive performance, including attention, memory, and executive function

+ alleviates anxiety, depression and negative emotions, and quickly lowers stress levels

+ enhances clear thinking, focus and concentration

+ modulates emotional recognition and memory recall

+ reduces inflammation, regulating blood pressure, alleviating body pain and preventing insomnia

There is much scientific literature available on the benefits of breathwork. However, the best way to learn about its incredible power is to experience it for yourself!


Choose Your Program Structure

1 hour
private guided coaching session
per week 
(10 weeks, 12 hours)
+ audio recordings

Your investment:
$725 CAD

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