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Unleash the Power of Your Breath

You may be very surprised to learn that your breath is one of the safest, most immediate and most evolutionary tools you have to support total health and well-being.

Today, there is substantial scientific research to  demonstrate the beneficial effects of breathwork on your physical and mental health and performance.


For centuries, sages and healers from across world culture have also recognized a direct link between how you breathe and your physiological, psychological and spiritual state.​


This means that daily breathwork can be an incredibly effective tool to help you release deep-seated stress and emotions, boost vital energy and bolster your body's ability to heal itself. ​

If you're curious to learn more, I'd love to share the science of Breathontology with you.


Take a deep breath with me and keep reading...

Relaxing at Home

What is Breathontology?

Breathontology is both an art and a science which uses the power of the breath (through prana or life force energy) to support balance, rejuvenation and well-being.

It is a unique modality inspired by a 5,000 year old healing tradition and updated for the needs of our modern times.

Each session is designed to be fun, relaxing and supportive of personal growth, well-being and life-long learning.

To learn more about Breathontology Coaching, please listen to the video below.


What are people saying about Breathontology Coaching?

"Terrific! I just did your breathing practices and they are truly excellent. I will do the practice daily when I wake up. Yesterday's session was also amazing because I did not experience [the discomfort of my current health condition] and had no fatigue in the evening. I can hardly wait for our next session. Thank you so much!"

- David, Lawyer

"Work and daily life, especially in the midst of COVID-19 has been incredibly stressful and I often found my brain too overwhelmed to focus. This was an excellent outlet for me to gain clarity and focus. I have used this in my practice as a nurse manager and find the more I use it, the more efficient and productive I am. I feel the quality of my work will improve as I continue to practice breathwork because of how it allows me to focus."

- Amy, Nurse Manager and Graduate Student

"Briya is an excellent coach and her deep of knowledge and intuition are remarkable."

- Shakti, Consultant

Some of the benefits of breathwork include:

- naturally boosting focus, energy levels, cognitive function, memory and athletic performance

- slowing the effects of aging and promoting healthy, glowing skin

- releasing the effects of chronic stress, trauma or a fast-paced lifestyle and helping to alleviate anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia

- providing natural relief for back pain, high blood pressure and inflammation

- supporting immune function, respiratory health, menstrual health and easing the symptoms of menopause

- supporting behavioural change and positive emotions such as joy, motivation and gratitude

It's not enough to read about the benefits of breathwork.

Your next step is to experience them for yourself!

Happy Woman

Is Breathontology Coaching right for me?

- YES, I want to feel better from within and have more positive energy during my day 
- YES, I feel stressed, anxious, tired, depressed or have trouble sleeping

- YES, I want to explore safe, natural and time-tested ways to improve my mental, emotional or physical well-being

- YES, I want to improve how I show up at work and embody greater focus, self-confidence or creativity

- YES, I feel stuck in limited beliefs or thought patterns or would like to release old emotions (anxiety, anger, stress, grief, depression) in a gently facilitated space

- YES, I suffer from chronic pain or illness and am looking to improve my quality of life without more medication or harmful side effects

- YES, I'm open-minded and curious to learn more about personal growth, self-development, natural healing or spirituality

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Your private program includes:

- 7 private coaching sessions (1 hour per week), scheduled in person or online

- tailored program to meet your unique needs, life stage or health requirements
 (suitable for any fitness level)

- personalized feedback from an expert coach

- the opportunity to release stress, old emotions or any issues that are currently bothering you in a safe space

- a guided audio recording to help you experience the benefits of breathwork as part of your self-care routine

Did we mention you will feel great?


ANAK1910059531_157040556495004919 (2)_edited.jpg

Meet Your Facilitator: Briya Freeman

Briya Freeman is a certified Breathontology Coach

(Level III) who has been facilitating courses in breathwork, stress-resilience and natural healing since 2011.

As a facilitator, she is known for offering spaces which support deep relaxation, healing, stress-release and the awakening of inner potential.

Briya draws from a background of over 15 years in yoga, meditation, bioenergetics and mind-body healing.​

Learn more about Briya here

Listening to Music

Choose the program that's right for you:

1-Hour Session:  


4-Session Package:

$395 / 4 hours

7-Session Package

$625 CAD / 7 sessions


Sessions are available both in person and online.

Upon registration, 

sessions will be scheduled to

suit your schedule.

I look forward to working with you!

Yes, I'm ready for this program!

How do I register?

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