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Ancestral Wisdom :
a series to heal ancestral cellular memory

In the Vedas, it is said that humans are the only species that holds the power of intuition, an faculty that provides us with a direct link to our capacity for  self-healing, creativity and higher consciousness.

In most humans, however, our power of intuition is blocked, overlooked, or rarely used -- where more often, we live in a state of disconnection and confusion about who we are, where we come from and our true powers of co-creation.

One of the key components in reclaiming our power of intuition can be found by restoring our broken links with our ancestral lineage, and with the experiences and life lessons of those who have walked before us.  

ANCESTRAL WISDOM is a 4-week series for healing ancestral cellular memory. Based in Vedic and mystic teachings, it is designed to help you illuminate these hidden aspects of your psyche to unlock greater potential for intuition, self-healing and empowerment.

This series is for you if:

  • You're curious about exploring your ancestral wisdom to unlock greater access to your intuition, creativity, emotional ease and inner potential​

  • You want to clear yourself energetically from patterns, emotions or thoughts that don’t belong to you and create a new legacy for your lineage

  • You're interested in exploring natural systems  of healing like energy work, shamanism or Ayurveda

  • You're seeking alternative ways to heal from  patterns or health issues rooted in your ancestral lineage (e.g. chronic stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, self-judgment, sexual dysfunction, etc)

  • You want to go deeper in your exploration of your unique soul journey, your connection to past and future ancestors, and why you're here at this important time in Earth's history

This course is suitable for seekers of all walks of life, and is not associated with any particular dogma or tradition. All welcome.

breathwork meditation chakras shamanism Ayurveda

Meet Your Facilitator

Hello, my name is Briya and I am a spiritual facilitator based in Ottawa, Canada. I've been working with the practices of ancestral ceremony for nearly 20 years.


I first started to explore this work in my early 20s, as I sought to resolve mental patterns and health issues for which modern medicine had no real answers.

These teachings lead me to unlock the stories of my own ancestral lineage (Irish and French Canadian) including stories of land displacement, colonization, famine, religious persecution, trauma and abuse.

This work also awoke within me a powerful current of healing, inner power and soul memory which changed the course of my life, deepening my sense of belonging both to the human family and the realm of spirit.

I've developed this course in cooperation with my teacher, Berdhanya Swami Tierra, a female mystic and shaman of South American origin, and am very excited to be sharing it with you this fall.

Course details:

This series takes place from September 19 - October 13, 2023 (4 weeks) and includes both live and self-guided content, including

  • 7+ hours of teachings + processes (Live and Pre-Recorded)

  • Homework, self-reflection and integration exercises to deepen your process

  • Guided Breathontology practices for healing ancestral cellular memory

  • Partner / group work

  • Key dates to join us live: Tuesday, September 19 at 7 pm (series initiation) & Friday, October 13 from 6-9 pm (live group class & ceremony) - more info to follow upon registration

Course fee: $333 CAD (payable by e-transfer or using the link below)

To RSVP or with inquiries, you can also reach out here

breathwork meditation chakras shamanism Ayurveda
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